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Terms & Conditions

The website offers services in accordance with the following terms of use.
The visitor is invited to read the terms of use and to use the services, only if he fully agrees.

1. Online store ID
In our store you will find for sale women's and men's shoes and clothes. Our headquarters are at 21 KISTHINOU STREET, RHODES and the name of the company is TSAGARI FANI
Contact telephone: 6932244526
contact email: [email protected]

2. User registration / Account creation

If the visitor / user wishes to register an account at, he certifies that he provides true information regarding the information requested.

Upon completion of the order the user will be asked if he wishes to become a member of

In this case the user selects the "I want to become a member" icon.

User is then asked to fill in the new member registration form which contains the following information:

Gender, username, password, password confirmation, First Name, Last Name, Email, Telephone, Mobile, Address, Area, City, Post Code

At this stage the personal account is created.

During the registration process the customer can choose whether to receive newsletters.

Once the registration is completed, an email will be sent to the email address stated by the user with the information of the account created.

To activate the account, the user must select the link that is attached to the email.

3. Subscribe to the newsletter
During a user's visit to a banner appears in which the visitor can fill in his e-mail to receive a newsletter.
Alternatively, in case he registers at in the ways mentioned above, he must select in the registration form "I want to receive newsletters".
By subscribing to the newsletter, user will receive informative emails about new products as well as special sales offers.

4. Order
Customers can make an order following the steps described below:
Select the desired product as well as the color and size and then presses the "Buy" icon
Then the order is displayed with all the details: Quantity, Unit Price, Total order amount, Size and color, as well as the shipping cost.
By clicking on the "Continue" icon, the customer chooses whether to continue the order as a guest, whether to become a member, or whether to login to the store as an already registered member.
In case he selects "Continue as a visitor", he selects the Shipping Method and the payment method and then fills in his details.
In the end he chooses that he accepts that he agrees with the terms of use of the page and selects the icon "Continue".

At this stage all the details of the order are displayed.
The user to complete the order selects the icon "Complete order"
If he chooses to log in as a member, it is not necessary to re-enter his details.
Once the order is completed, an email is sent to the customer with all the details of the order.


 5. Payment
1) Cash on delivery: the delivery of the money to the transport employee at the time of delivery. The cost is 2.5 euros.

2) Payment with Viva: If you choose this method of payment you are transferred to the secure environment of viva payments where you enter your card details in order to be charged and paid for your products.

6. Shipping Time (Delivery / Receipt)
Once the availability of the products is checked, shipments are made within 1 day from the day of your order.

7. Shipping costs
Shipping for all of Greece is 2.5 €

 8. Returns / Changes and Right of Withdrawal
j) Right of withdrawal

You have 14 calendar days to withdraw from the purchase you may have made through our online store, without stating the reasons or providing us with any explanation (unnecessary withdrawal). The right of withdrawal is exercised when you want to return the product you bought and get your money back.

Before exercising the right of withdrawal, you must inform us either electronically at the e-mail [email protected] or by phone at 6932244526.

Return without prior notification of the store will not be accepted.

A prerequisite is that the product is in its original condition, has not been damaged or used and is returned exactly as delivered, with proof of purchase.

Then call the courier company that brought your order, so they can pick up the parcel you will return to us.

Returns are made at our headquarters:


RHODES T.K. 85100


The refund will be made by crediting the customer's bank account, which he will notify us by e-mail or by phone. The account should display the customer name used on the receipt.

The right of withdrawal does not apply in case the price for the product has been paid in our physical store and at the same time has been received from our physical store, as the sale is not considered to have been done remotely.

ii) Return of product at our expense

The customer has the right to return the products purchased from our online store at our own expense in the following two cases:

1) If through our fault the wrong products were sold (wrong in the number, in the color of the shoes, in the shipment, etc.).

In this case the customer may not accept the product and request a refund or exchange with another product or a refund.

Returned products must be in excellent condition, sealed, complete and without any damage. The packaging of the product must be the one that normally accompanies the product and must be in excellent condition.

2) If products of dubious quality were sold through our fault (damaged during transport, poor packaging, etc.).

In this case the customer must not accept the receipt of the product and contact us either by phone or e-mail.

In both cases, the maximum return period may not exceed fourteen (14) calendar days from the date of receipt.

Returns of goods are made only with the courier company we work with

It will be, as the case may be, the same company that delivered your order.

iii) Return of product with customer charge

The customer reserves the right to return the products purchased, free of charge and without obligation to announce the reason for which he wishes the products returned, within fourteen (14) calendar days from the date of receipt. In this case, it is charged with the direct cost of returning the products. Returns will only be accepted if the products the customer wishes to return are in exactly the same condition in which they were received.

iv) Product return and replacement costs

The return cost with the cooperating courier companies amounts to 5 € for Greece.

The cost of return and replacement of the product amounts to 8 € for Greece.

In both cases the charge is made to the recipient.

9. Personal data
During your visit to you may be asked to enter your personal details (name, surname, address) mainly for the completion of the order.

The personal data you declare on is kept exclusively for our transactions with you, communication and your best service.

It is forbidden to be used by third parties. They are managed exclusively by us with the exception of: a) the data related to the execution and settlement of electronic payments via credit card and b) the data that are absolutely necessary for the execution of your order by the companies cooperating with us.

10. Obligations of the parties
a) Exclusive user / consumer liability and prohibited uses.

The user is solely responsible for the legal use of the website and the online store and is obliged to refrain from any illegal acts and abusive behavior as well as from the adoption of illegal practices and unfair competition.

Minors (under 18 years old) are excluded from acquiring membership. The user is solely responsible for the accuracy of the information, data and data entered on, which we have no responsibility to check, unless imposed on us. by denunciation or by law.

It is forbidden to use our online store for sending, transmission of any content is illegal and threatening.

Any action that infringes the copyright of both and third parties is prohibited.

b) Liability for actual defects has all the obligations provided by the Civil Code.

Specifically, in case of a product defect that we sell you can a) request its repair without your own charge, unless this is impossible or requires disproportionate costs or its replacement, or you can use it again.

Our above obligations do not exist in case the defect has been caused by you or the product has been returned with damage or has been used.

You must exercise the above rights within 14 calendar days of receipt of your products.

In case we have executed our order incorrectly, you must inform us either by phone at 6932244526 or by e-mail at [email protected].

11. Complaints policy
We are at your disposal at any time before and after the delivery of our products for any clarification or question.

i) By phone at 6932244526

ii) By e-mail to [email protected]


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